Where Do Dolphins live.

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Where Do Dolphins Live

That’s a good question!. . .Where do Dolphins live? When you come stay at Coconut Villas you’ll quickly get the answer to “where do dolphins live,” they live right in our backyard!


Each of our villas are directly on the water and if you click on the photos to the left, you will see where do dolphins live. The video above is of our own special Dolphin like Winter. We call her Coco and she’s fun to play with and watch swing! Infact, they all love to play, show off, chatter at you and do amazing leaps and rolls.


Whether you’re watching from one of our balcony terraces or you’re standing out by the water, you’ll see the Dolphins playing and frolicking in the water. Who, knows! maybe they have a secret castle a few yards off-shore.


In any event, we can tell you with confidence where do dolphins live. . .they of course live at the Coconut Villas. . .Come see for yourself!


we also have a Dolphin here at Coconut Villas who is almost as unique and Winter the Dolphin (see above to watch a video of Coco the Dolphin who is also missing part of her tail).


“Beautiful, I want to stay here forever.” – Darlene Dunn, Ohio